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1978 Porsche 911
I recently ordered a set of seat covers for my 1978 Porsche 911. Before I received my order I got a call from one of the employees at your facility Andy. He was confirming the type of seat that I had selected before cutting the pattern. I was quite impressed that the people there take such pride and care in their work. A short while after I received my seat covers, I quickly went to my car and put them on. I am even more impressed now than when viewing the product on the web. The work is second to none, and the seats look as if they have just been reupholstered. I have attached a few pictures of the installed seats, please feel free to use them in you gallery. Again thanks for covers, and the quality workmanship that was put into them.
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11/28/16 9:01 AM
Thank you for purchaing our product and So sorry for the late response. we were having issue about our website. Thank you very much.