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2013 Challenger
I had a set of IGGEE S. Leather covers in a 2004 Sebring convertible. Installation was easy and they looked great. The installation in this Challenger was a bit more challenging (pun intended). The rear seat bottom cushion cover really needs about 1/2" - 1" more of the s. leather material on the front to go completely under the seat front. The front seat covers posed a real problem. The Velcro strips meant to hold the front and back bottoms of the seat back cover cannot physically contact one another without destroying the OEM upholstery that wraps around the bottom of the seat. Because of this fact, the cover cannot be pulled down in front and held tightly in place. Again, about 1" more of the s. leather fabric would solve the issue from an appearance standpoint. Remember, I purchased these to protect the OEM leather so I certainly don't want to destroy part of it to install these covers the way they were designed to be installed. Finally, because of the power seat motor assembly on the driver's seat, the elastic straps on the outboard side of the seat bottom cover cannot be fished under the seat to contact the elastic straps on the inboard side. I will figure something out; but, in the meantime the side-to-side straps are not connected. If the cover doesn't shift around because of this, I probably won't worry about it.

Aside from these few issues, the covers look great and fit the cushions. I expect they will serve well in protecting the leather seats.